Information for New Volunteers

Mark & Jay

By volunteering with the Gleaning program, you are agreeing to the Terms of Participation.

Steps to Becoming a Gleaner

Gleaners must first register as a volunteer by clicking on the "Volunteer" page and then clicking on Register To Volunteer. Once you fill out the Volunteer Registration Form, you will receive an email with your new username and password. The Gleaning Coordinator will then look over your information and approve you to be a glean leader. After you are approved you will be able to use your username and password to log in.

Find out about gleans and sign up

Once you are logged into the website, go to the "Volunteer" page and click on Signup near the bottom of the page to see current gleaning opportunities. If there are none posted it means there aren't any available. To request a glean site, select your name from the drop down list and click on the signup button. When you sign up for a glean site, you will be considered the "Leader" of that glean. You may sign up to be the Backup Leader in case the first Glean Leader cancels. You will need to fill out all the data after you attend your glean (lbs., number of hours, etc.) before you will be able to sign up for your next glean. You can sign up for only one glean as leader and one glean as backup leader at a time.

When you sign up you will receive an email with information about the glean, a link to the glean information page and a link to cancel, if necessary.

Contact the owner

The homeowner/donor of the crop will be awaiting your call.

When talking with the homeowner, ask any questions you have about the site, including an update on ripeness.

What should I do if my contact information changes?

If you are changing contact information like your email address or phone number, go to the Volunteer page and click on 'Update' or go to the My Page and use your login to enter the information directly. If you need to make a name change, write to the webmaster at or the Gleaning Coordinator at

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please check out the Contact Us page. We are always happy to help.